Jewish Women’s Directory

In 2019, NCJWA Vic Advocacy Committee launched the #MakeSpaceForHer campaign aimed at ensuring women in the Victorian Jewish community are equally represented in leadership positions and participate equally in community events. Since its launch, 55 community organisations have signed our Gender Equality pledge to #MakeSpaceForHer, with this number continuing to grow.

NCJWA Vic is excited to launch the next phase of our campaign with our Jewish Women’s Directory. This directory will be a communal resource aimed at helping our pledge partners as well as the wider Jewish Community reach Jewish women. It will feature women with a range of backgrounds, disciplines and professional expertise, who are ready and willing to present on panels, speak at events, and serve as prospective Board members. This directory aims to change the current narrative by making available the phenomenal and talented women of our community in one central place and increase female representation in general.

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